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History of Fantasy Sports

The history of fantasy sports is an interesting one and one that will include many variations depending on who you ask. If you ask a baseball fantasy sports fan you will be told a...

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Best Fantasy Sports Books

The 6 Best Fantasy Sports Books on the Market Some people just have a gift, pure talent that the rest of us mere mortals can only observe with envy. This is true of all...

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Our experts will provide you with deep insights and reviews on all fantasy sports leagues out there. We will guide you through all fantasy leagues and give you a transparent rating on all leagues you can play 100% legal in the US & Canada! Furthermore, we guarantee our users to get the best promo codes and promotions for all fantasy sports websites, including Draftkings, Fanduel or StarsDraft. Our best-rated leagues actually pay out more than $100 million monthly in the 2014/2015 seasons alone.The independent Fantasy Sports reviews will help you find the website that fits best to your needs. Lately, we have started to also give you strategies for how to win on fantasy sports! Surely fantasy football is the most popular of all fantasy leagues, however, we will constantly improve our strategies also for other sports such as, fantasy basketball, hockey, PGA but even for Soccer!

Our independent experts also give you an overview on why fantasy football is legal in the US. Only trustworthy websites will be published on so our users can be 100% sure that they only play on legal fantasy football websites.

While we've become one of the most comprehensive online fantasy sports comparison sites our primary mission is still the same as it was when we started:

To be the best guide to online fantasy sports players that guarantees each and every player the maximum promotion possible.

Understanding this system will be eye-opening, promise!

Thanks to our Fantasy Sports News Section you will never miss a special promotions of any our fantasy sports partners, furthermore you can make sure that we will always inform you on freerolls, new promo codes and new strategies.

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Fantasy sports came a long way; starting with just a few smaller leagues in the late 1980s the sport now counts more than 57 million players (according to the FSTA)! Thanks to the US Regulations and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement of 2006, fantasy sports is clarified as a skill game! This gives you the chance without any risk to participate in one of the many fantasy sports leagues out there. We give you a detailed explanation on why fantasy sports is legal.

For the beginner player, you'll find comprehensive breakdowns of the rules and etiquettes for all major fantasy variations, official rules, tons of easy-to-follow strategy tips.

Your advantages on playing Fantasy Sports:

  • Daily fantasy leagues let you play only for one particular contest!
  • New formats of fantasy sports
  • Million of $ to in prize pools
  • Easy to deposit and withdraw money
  • Start playing with as little as $10
  • Play your favorite sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, Soccer, MMA and many other leagues.

Why compare Fantasy Sports Leagues?

In order to play fantasy sports, such as football or basketball you need to register for one of the many websites. The fantasy website will be the “host” of the leagues. Thanks to the increase of popularity in the last few years, many different websites provide this service now.

Therefore, it is worth to compare these different leagues in order to find the one that fits best to you! Every player is different and has different needs. The criteria are enormous! Therefore, we at believe that you should compare the different possibilities before starting. We will inform you about the different leagues, if it is a season-long or a daily fantasy league. There are many factors that play a tremendous role in your fantasy sports career!

Fantasy Sports comparison

Finding the right fantasy league for you was extremely complicated in the past. Thanks to our independent fantasy sites comparison you will now have a transparent overview on important things you should know before and even while playing any fantasy league really. Our fantasy football comparison will help recreational but also professional players. Talking about professional fantasy players, we will constantly update you on events, world championships and other important affairs from the industry.

What is Fantasy Football?

Just what the heck is fantasy football? That must be on the minds of the few people still in the dark about this little hobby that goes with NFL football like peanut butter goes with jelly. I shouldn't say “little” hobby actually since fantasy football is a monstrous entity all its own. What started out as a geeky game, has turned into a money making machine that is enjoyed by millions each week.

Fantasy football is simple. You are playing the role of an owner of a football team, mostly NFL, but college play is also available. You draft a team to fill the major offensive slots like quarterback, running back, wide out, tight end, and kicker. You also draft a team defense, but not individual defenders.

Your players score individual points depending on how they play each week. Touchdown runs count for six points generally, as do touchdown receptions. You also rack up smaller points for rushing yards, receiving yardage, and your team defense tallies up points by stopping their opponents from scoring. Each fantasy website has their own specific scoring system, but those are the basics. Your player does good in the real world, then you benefit with fantasy points.

The fun in fantasy football is the competition with friends or even guys online you don't know, but still want to beat down to win your league.

There are old school season long leagues of course, but the real fun is in the newer one-day fantasy leagues. These leagues are the hot trend and will be for the foreseeable future. You draft a team each day and every week instead of keeping a team all year long. This is much better since you can draft multiple teams to play in multiple leagues. You are not stuck with one line up all year if your starting QB gets hurt or does something bone headed off the field to get suspended. You can just start over each weekend with new players that may perform better.

If you are not aware, you can also win money in fantasy football. These one-day leagues pay out big sums of cash….if you know your football., for instance, will pay out an estimated one billion dollars in 2015. If that doesn't get you excited about fantasy sports, perhaps you should sign up for a knitting class. Fantasy Football is by now one of the most played online games all time, but players are still struggling to find the right site to play on. Usually it`s positiv if players can deposit and withdraw on betting sites with PayPal.

Free Fantasy Football

You are still not sure if fantasy sports is the right thing for you and especially playing for money sounds scary? No worries, even the professional players have started without investing any cash. Most of the fantasy leagues we review offer free fantasy football, so you can try it out without investing a dime! That's right, try it for free. It's getting even better. Most websites run freerolls where you can win money without investing anything. Sites like Draftkings or Fanduel run freerolls on a weekly basis where they give away tons of cash. In the last years there was an ongoing battle of Fanduel Vs Draftkings.

Read on for more in our FanDuel Review and Draftkings Review.