7 Reasons You Need Fantasy Football in Your Life

The new 2015 NFL season is under way and fans everywhere are trying their hand at fantasy football. If you have not experienced the exhilaration of managing a fantasy football team, it still isn't too late to sign up and try your hand at week to week gameplay. Daily Fantasy Football now has over 57 million participants playing in some fantasy sports league and is continuing to grow. Here are some of the reasons why you need fantasy football in your life.

Social Experience

Fantasy football is one of the easiest ways to meet new people and to connect with friends. Whether its trade talks or just catching up about the past week’s games, this gameplay is a hot topic that continues to spark conversation. With the opportunity for a live snake draft or even an online draft that features chat, team managers can talk about everything football. It can lead to bettering a relationship between friends or work colleagues knowing there will be fresh topics to talk about every weekend.

A Great Way Stay Involved

Fantasy football requires a lot of time and effort reviewing statistics as well as a variety of sports news and updates. When you play fantasy football, you will be more passionate, excited, and engaged on game days. Typically, sports fans will root solely for their favorite team and not much more. With fantasy football, you'll get excited for not just one team, but an array of players that will have you on your toes for every play.

Football IQ

IQFantasy football is one of the fastest ways to increase your knowledge when it comes to sports. Not only is fantasy football great for you to catch all the exciting moments during the game, but it also allows fans to understand better how the unfolds and what to expect come next weekend. Towards the beginning of your fantasy football career, it is best to follow analysts' input. The reason being that though they might not predict the exact outcome of the game, sports analysts take the time to study film, coaching strategies, player match-ups, and more. After some time, you can also increase your football IQ. However, every fantasy football team manager needs to do research if they want to pick the hottest players to start their game day squad.

Fantasy Sports for Cash

As well as being an excellent platform for having a friendly competition, fantasy football can also land you major cash prizes and jackpots. Online enterprises such as DraftKing  and FanDuel offer a betting network between sports fans everywhere through daily fantasy sports leagues. Daily Fantasy Sports leagues are a great way to test your knowledge and skill at fantasy football. Though the actual athletes do the performing on game day, the team manager that prepares and researches the most tends to pick the best combination of players who will produce results week in and week out.


Engaging in the Workplace

According to a new US study conducted with over 1500 employees, fantasy football proves to push workers into participating more in the workplace. The study concluded that employees included in a fantasy football pool with colleagues are more likely to engage in team work based activities as well as feel more self-worth. On top of connecting with coworkers, the fantasy football study also demonstrates how sports fans handle authority.

“NFL fans surveyed tended to have a more positive view of their employers’ leaders, in particular, their leadership’s commitment to creating a great workplace.”

Fantasy with Friends

Friends who are also avid sports fans are constantly looking to one up each other with a little harmless competition. Fantasy football is a great way to get together with your buddies as well as stay in good communication. A league between friends can always have some memorable moments. A fun way to go about playing with friends is to design a seasonal trophy for the winner and a laughable punishment for the loser. Typical punishments could be shaving your head or one eyebrow. Some fantasy leagues made up of friends will go as far as picking out a permanent tattoo for the loser or lowest ranking player. Although it can get a little competitive at times between friends, it’s all in good fun. Overall, even the craziest of fantasy leagues prove to strengthen relationships between friends.


Daily Fantasy Sports is Legal

Unlike playing poker or illegally gambling on an offshore sportsbook, fantasy football is considered a game of skill through US federal law and is a truly legal gambling option. In 2006, United States Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which outlawed nearly every form of online gambling. However, online fantasy sports betting was not banned due to its complexity with statistics and game-changing factors that come with extensive sports knowledge. It is always recommended to US citizens to gamble legally, and fantasy football is the fun and exhilarating way to go!

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