Week 7 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks with the Most Upside

Earlier this week, we discussed the week 7 running backs with the most potential to rack up fantasy points. This time around, we will examine the quarterbacks with the most upside.

While you never know what will happen when a quarterback gets under center, some are more likely to perform at a higher level than others. You need to find that one quarterback who outperforms expectations, even if a lot of expected of him.

7 QB’s for Week 7

In a couple days, the following seven quarterbacks will take to the field with something to prove. As a fantasy football player, this position could make or break your contest. Choose the right QB and your chance of winning increases. Make the wrong choice, however, and you may not be happy with the outcome.

Below are the seven quarterbacks for week 7 that deserve your attention:

  • Philip Rivers. Playing against the Raiders, Rivers is in position to continue his hot streak under center.
  • Carson Palmer. Palmer had a big game last week in a loss to the Steelers. The Ravens are performing poorly thus far in 2015, so this one is a no-brainer.
  • Andrew Luck. Despite recent injuries, Luck continues to shine. Will he have the same luck this week against a bad Saints team?
  • Tom Brady. Yes, the Patriots are playing the Jets. And yes, the Jets have the best defense in the league. However, you know that Brady will be on his game, as always.
  • Cam Newton. He can run it and throw it. Best yet, the Panthers are playing the Eagles, a team that has not lived up to expectations. Newton may be the steal of the weekend at the quarterback position.
  • Drew Brees. Will Brees outperform Luck in a battle of top notch quarterbacks?
  • Matt Ryan. With the Tennessee Titans on the other side of the field, Ryan has to be licking his chops. It could be a big week for the Falcons star.

Week 7 is shaping up to be a good one. These seven quarterbacks are in position to put up monster numbers, thus making many fantasy football owners happy.

Which one of these guys will you start? Do you have another quarterback in mind?

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