These Three Fantasy Football Secrets May Surprise You

There are people who play fantasy football for fun. There are also those who take this quite seriously, doing whatever it takes to put their coworkers, friends, and families to shame.

If you want to achieve greater success, if you are tired of missing out on the money every Sunday, it is time to change your approach. With a new strategy, you could soon find yourself in position to win more money than you ever imagined.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Approach

Many daily fantasy football players are in the habit of overthinking every last detail. This doesn’t mean you should make “wild guesses” and hope for the best. What it does mean is that some details deserve more attention than others.

Here are three fantasy football secrets that may surprise you:

  1. Speed kills. When it comes to drafting wide receivers and running backs, keep one word in mind: speed.

It’s all about choosing skill players who score touchdowns. And as you know, those with breakaway speed have a much better chance of doing so (hopefully multiple times per game).

  1. Injuries hurt you as much as them. No NFL player wants to sit out with an injury. Unfortunately, this is commonplace in a league where hard hits happen on every play.

You may not consider this a secret, but others consistently overlook the fact that some players aren’t up to par in regards to their health. A good running back with a high ankle sprain is a risk. How many times will he tote the ball? Will the injury force him out of the game early?

  1. 20-touch running backs. You can pick up a lot of points from the running back position, but only if your player touches the ball on a regular basis. Which players are leading the league in touches per game? There aren’t many 20-touch running backs out there, but they do exist. You need to unearth these players every weekend.

There is no guarantee that the secrets above will push you to the top spot next Sunday. However, following this advice can’t hurt. If nothing else, it will give you a fresh perspective on daily fantasy football.

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