Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Prediction

Super Bowl 2015 Tips

On the first of February it will finally be that time again. Millions of people will sit themselves in front of the TV and see, if the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks will be crowned champion. This year the final will be held at the University of Phoenix’s Stadium, which is also regarded as the home of the Arizona Cardinals. At one point during the season, it did look like the Cardinals would make it their own Super Bowl, but once they lost their two starting QBs, their season was more or less over. Once more there’s expected to be well over 100 million people sitting in front of the television in America.

The supermarkets will probably be sold out completely, and the morning after the match companies will get quite a few workers calling in sick. The two best teams in the regular season are standing against each other. The Patriots, with 12: 4 wins, were number one in the AFC rankings in the playoffs. The Seahawks also came up with 12: 4 wins and were also number one in the NFC. It does not happen very often that the two best teams of their respective rankings stand opposite each other in the finals. Two different systems collide here. Either the attack of the Patriots will win this game, or the defence of the Seahawks. Anyone who wants to see more than football, should not miss half-time. There, Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz will make their big performance.

New England Patriots

The showpiece of thNewEnglandPatriotslogoe team from New England is clearly their incredibly strong offence. Tight end Rob Gronkowski achieved 12 touchdowns and reached over 1,000 yards. In the past year we’ve noticed how much he was missed by Tom Brady, but Gronk has come backstronger than ever. In addition, Julien Edelman gave an extremely strong season. Overall, he achieved 92 caught passes. Also Blount, recalled from the Pittsburgh Steelers, gave the offence more variation. The most important player, however, is still Tom Brady. After they stood at a 2: 2 win in the regular season, many experts thought it was already the end of Tom, but he proved all the critics wrong. Now he stands before another major chapter in his glorious career. However, the defence should not be forgotten here. Before the season, they committed the two Pro Bowlers Revis and Browner.

Both are fully broken in and also have their share in the success. On the way to this Super Bowl, the Patriots first had to compete against their nemesis: Baltimore. The Ravens demonstrated in a dramatic game why they are counted as the nemesis of the Patriots. At one point, they stood in front with 28:14, but in the end Brady led his men to 35:31. In the AFC Championship Game they went against the Indianapolis Colts. There the Patriots, with 45:7, had no problems. After this game, it was found that the balls were not properly inflated and thus the Patriots had enjoyed an advantage. I can not really understand it at all, because the Colts played with exactly the same ball. The media has now probably already said everything there is to say about this, so we will also let this issue rest here. All the Patriot’s performers are fit, so they can therefore go into battle with their best possible line-up.

Seattle Seahawks

SeattleSeahawksLogo2015Defending champions Seattle did not necessarily catch a dream start to the new season. At the beginning they stood at 3: 3, but in the second half, after the return of several top performers, they were clearly on the up. On the 16th Gameday they then took a victory against league leaders Arizona, which paved the way to first place in the rankings. For Seattle it is not the offence, but the defence which is everything. The Seahawks only permitted 254 points during the season. Thus they clearly have the best defence in the league. With Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Bobby Wagner as their superstars they are also called the “Legion of Boom”.

Even in the last Super Bowl these players taught the great Peyton Manning fear. Now they have it in for Tom Brady. Especially as Thomas and Sherman were not certain to play in the final, but as I've heard it, both will be playing. But the Seahawks are not completely without an attack. Russell Wilson is very mellow for his age. He is not without flaws, but in the decisive moments he's there. Then there’s still ‘Running Back’ Marshawn Lynch. Once the “Beast Mode” starts to run, he's unstoppable. On the way to this finale they had to first deal with the Carolina Panthers. There, they only had some trouble at the beginning. Against the Green Bay Packers, they were looking ike the clear loser for a long stretch of time. Russell Wilson afforded four turnovers. Five minutes before the end, it was 19: 7 for the Packers, but Seattle did not give up and took 28:22 during extra time. The Seahawks will also be able to compete with their best team.

Super Bowl Prediction

As they say so beautifully in football: the attack wins games and defence wins championships. Accordingly, the Seahawks should win the game. It’s unfortunately not that simple. even the bookies can not give a clear favourite. Judging just by the performances of both teams in the AFC and NFC Championship games, the Patriots clearly leave the better impression. But the Seahawks showed in last year's final what they are capable of. At that time they gave Peyton Manning no chance. Even we find it difficult to predict a winner, but we think that the reigning champion will deliver their best game when it matters. Seattle will not play as poorly as they did two weeks ago. It is quite possible that the last turn of the game will make the decision. We expect that we will see a Super Bowl which people will still be speaking about in 50 years.


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