What is a promo code

What is a Promo code?

Fantasy Sports Leagues attract new players by offering a great variety of promotions; one of them is the so-called First Deposit or Signup Bonus. This Bonus is granted when the new player made the first deposit on the fantasy sport website. In order to get these Bonuses you need to enter the Promo Code. This way the fantasy sport website knows who recommended you!

We at fantasy-sport.net, use our massive size of users to make sure that you get the best first deposit bonuses for every fantasy football /sports website. This way you safe a lot of money!

How does a bonus work?

Each fantasy sport website has its own cashier section that lets you deposit money to your account. Cashing out is also done from there. When you make a first deposit, the fantasy sport website adds a separate bonus account with your bonus money in it. Once you start playing, you are starting to release this bonus step by step into your main account.

It’s often the case that the bonus amount is a percentage (e.g. 100%) of your deposit. Usually it also has an upper limit (e.g. 100% up to $600).

The following example will help you understand:

Bonus Example 1

A Fantasy Football Website offers 100% up to $600.

“100%” – this means that you’ll receive a bonus amount equal to your first deposit. e.g. deposit $300 and get another $300 extra as bonus money.

“Up to $600” – this means that the bonus amount will not exceed $600. If you deposit $900 you’ll still receive a maximum bonus amount of $600. In order receive the full bonus you would need to deposit at least $600.

Bonus Example 2

A Fantasy Football Website offers 200% up to $600.

“200% up to $600” – this means that if you deposit $100, you'll receive a $200 bonus. The maximum bonus amount in this case would be $600. In order to get the full bonus you would need to deposit at least $300.

Even though you might be impressed by the amount of these bonuses it is important to know that you actually have to release this bonus. Each Fantasy Football Website has its own payout/release requirements, they usually communicate openly.

Please also note that it’s incremental to watch out for promotion codes when you register new with a fantasy football website. We at fantasy-sport.net always provide you with the latest and highest paying fantasy football promo codes. All our promotion codes can be found in our fantasy football promotion section.

What after the Promotion code?

It will take some time for you to release (also called clear) the First Deposit Bonus. Depending on the payout ration and the amount you play you will sooner or later clear the First Deposit Bonus. What now?

Some Fantasy Football Websites offer you a so-called Reload Bonus. Meaning that if you deposit again, you will get another bonus. It’s always good to contact us in case you are looking for a reload bonus. The great news is, that you will automatically participate in every Fantasy Football VIP-Scheme. Every Fantasy Football Website has different VIP-Models and payout ratios. We are explaining every VIP-Program in our fantasy football reviews and promotion sections.

In case you are not happy with one website, don’t hesitate to register on another Fantasy Football Website! Again, feel free to contact us for further questions. The best way to stay updated on all upcoming promotions and promotion codes is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Like everything else on Fantasy-Sport.net, it’s for free of course!

What is a Bonus Code?