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numberFire: The most Impressive Tech Companion for Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts

The power of numberFire unleashed

numberFire’s analytics framework helps in analyzing and predicting sports and player performance, based on mathematical modeling of past performance data and performance-comparison data. numberFire has the versatility of being used both on land games and online games and its potential has already been captured in the phenomenal rise in the company’s page views to 800% and revenues to 600% within a span of two years. With numberFire, now the sports fanatics all over the globe have the unmatched ability to utilize real-time, data-driven analytics to drown competition in sports betting or wagering.


Transforming fantasy sports with data analytics

numberFire partners with ESPN, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated, to offer the first and only predictive analytics platform for sports, known as numberFire Live. This unique platform combines traditional digital-data models like game tracking, game stats, or drive summaries with advanced sports-analytics features as:

  • Win Probability: This feature predicts a team’s chances of winning after each play
  • Expected Points:This feature makes near accurate predictions on team scores
  • Drive Outcome:This feature guesses the possible outcomes of the team with the ball
  • Game MVP:This feature decides which player in a team deserves the MVP title

NumberFire Live, after calculating stats from historical scores and game recaps, updates the data instantly on desktops, tablets, and mobiles, so that players and fans get the latest analysis while watching a game. Whether players are betting, playing on fantasy matches, or simply following a game, this gizmo from numberFire is a very powerful and welcome companion.

features numberfire

NumberFire enables its users to participate in a crowd-sourced “Q&A panel” to engage in fruitful dialogues with their fellow sports fans. The company actively encourages all its users to get feedback from a community of sports enthusiasts. The best part of this crowd-sourced platform is that the featured questions, answers, and comments relevant to the specific players or teams being investigated will surface in a user’s newsfeed.

What does that mean for fantasy sports players?

With numberFire, avid fantasy sports players can import existing teams from ESPN or other fantasy websites and start tailoring updates and activity feeds to include only those players or teams that they are interested in! This can also work well for seasoned sports writers and bloggers, who can embed widgets to churn out those fascinating sports forecasts and feature stories about sports heroes they admire.


Which sports are covered by numberFire?

Initially targeting football, numberFire has now grown to embrace basketball and baseball. This website has launched its own statistical machinery to measure NBA, MLB, and NFL players’ effectiveness and value.

The predictive models of numberFire

There are three levels of predictive modeling at work in this technology:

The players: On this level, the technology matches a single player with a number of players who share specific characteristics. This method enables locating comparable players and assigning a value to the similar characteristics.

The matchups: On this level, teams showing similar patterns of offenses, defenses, or strategies are compared and matched to predict trends for particular playing teams in particular games.

Combined players and matchups: On this level, similar players in similar games are compared and provided a “similarity score” indicating the degree of similarity in both the players and the teams.

Finally, all the tabulated data from the above predictive models are run through the company’s projection algorithm. The whole idea behind following such systematic models of prediction is to deliver highly targeted predictions for future games with similar scope in terms of players or matchups. Professional leagues can easily use these accurate predictions to decide who to keep, who to drop, who to start, or who to trade on.

The price tag of numberFire brings more surprise

This information should bring a pleasant surprise and a smile on every sports fan’s face—the numberFire platform is free! Yes it is free for ordinary members.

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What are the benefits of numberFire Premium?

A premium subscriber of numberFire receives the following additional benefits:

  • Instant access to all premium features on payment approval
  • Daily fantasy optimal lineups every day of the week and other DFS tools delivered directly to desktops or mobiles
  • Game, spread, and total picks for NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB
  • Every March, numberFire bracket makes smart wagers
  • Access to premium research to improve the understanding of players and games

The hidden promise for sports journalism

According to the CEO of numberFire, Bonaddio, the most challenging idea behind the technology is to encourage sports-media pundits and journalists to deliver better quality sports journalism. numberFire’s analytics and projections can be to drilled down to provide interesting insights for sports coverage and feature stories.

Respect for privacy

What does numberFire privacy policy cover?

The Privacy Policy, available on the numberFire website, specifically covers how the company treats and administers the various types of personal or third-party information that it either directly collects or has access to through their business partners. You can review the detailed Privacy Policy page to obtain a glimpse of the terms of the privacy policy.

For your general understanding, it is probably worthwhile to mention that the privacy policy covers such important issues as:

  • A description of types of personal data collected in the website: The website typically collects personal data as names, ID, password, or payment information for premium members.
  • The use and limits of use of personal data collected from site users: The policy describes how the website stores, uses, and disseminates that data to third parties.
  • The use of user content like personal comments: The policy describes what the website does with user content.
  • The use of financial information if any: This data is not stored but used for processing payment information.
  • Use of identifiable digital information like IP addresses of user machines: The policy describes how the website uses this type of data.
  • Storing and use of email communication between the site and its users: The policy declares the fair use of all communication data. It is very upfront with all users and aims to be on the front page.
  • Deployment of cookies: The policy explains why it needs to deploy cookies and what it does with cookies. There is not any ambiguity here.
  • Use of information pertaining to delivery of third-party advertisements: The policy explicitly explains the use of user data for delivering advertisement or promotional materials.

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In conclusion: fantasy sports at its best

With fantasy sports continuously rising in global popularity, a tech startup like numberFire can make the gaming and igaming experience much more personalized, pleasurable, and exciting. What sports enthusiasts left to providence in the olden days, has become an exact and accurate science with data analytics. Data-driven predictive analytics not only makes fantasy sports more reliable, credible and wage worthy, but also creates the possibility of high-quality sports journalism that was not available before.

The experienced sports fans, who decide to go the extra mile and join the premium membership, will get a fabulous advantage over their competitors in making calculated wagers and bets, based on highly mathematical predictions delivered daily to their desktops and cell phones.


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