Learn Fantasy Sports From beginner to Expert

Fantasy Sports Strategies

Our goal is to provide you with the best Promo Codes in the industry but also teach you how to become an expert in fantasy sports. We will guide you through everything you need to know about fantasy sports. Our Fantasy Strategies will help you understand what fantasy sport is, what the differences between the leagues are.

In addition, we will give you a detailed overview on the most popular leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, Soccer, PGA, MMA). Our strategy section never stops growing by the way, so don’t be sad if your favourite sport is currently not covered.

After you comprehend the basics of fantasy sports we dive into the more complex topics, such as different Games Types and Bankroll Management.

The next step is to have a closer look into research topics. Research plays a major role in the fantasy sports strategy; therefore we will spend a lot of time here. In average a fantasy sports player will spend $20 to get information material for his fantasy sports strategy. This money is widely spent for line-up tips and information on latest happenings. Understanding this topic is absolutely crucial in order to win at any fantasy sports league!

Further more we will give you an insight on why fantasy sports is 100% legal in the US and Canada.

In a later part of this strategy we will guide you through everything related paying taxes on your winnings. We believe that you should know this before you start playing fantasy football for real money.

Last but not least we will go through the different fantasy sports sites and give you an overview on where you might want to start or accelerate your fantasy sports career!

Let’s get started.

1. Is fantasy sports legal?

Fantasy Football is legal
Fantasy sports is legal, yes! Fantasy Sports is a game that involves skills. Our deep analysis will provide a competitive advantage. Read on to find out why some players tend to win more often than others.

2. What is a Promo code?

What is a promo code
Fantasy Sport Leagues attract new players by offering a great variety of promotions; one of them is the so-called First Deposit or Signup Bonus. This Bonus is granted when the new player made the first deposit on the fantasy sport website. In order to get these Bonuses you need to enter the Promo Code. This way the fantasy sport …

3. Real Money Fantasy Leagues – 4 reasons why to play with Real Money

4 Reasons to play with real money
In the following section we will give you good reasons why you should consider playing real money fantasy leagues. Let's dive right into it: When you make a deposit to a fantasy league and play for real money, the amount you are playing for will actually increase not only your fun but also keeps you focused. Since playing fantasy leagues is a highly complex thing…