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PokerStars Hopes to Score in the Sports Betting Arena

Amaya, the company behind PokerStars, made some announcements. One of the announcements it made was that it is going to enter the realm of Fantasy Sports and is going to launch a product called StarsDraft.

PokerStars launched StarsDraft in Mid-Summer 2015 while acquiring Victivs software.

According to Baazov, the chairman of the company, many former US players of PokerStars would like to see the launch of Fantasy Sports. Amaya’s entry could redefine the way regulators view DFS (daily fantasy sports).

The entry of PokerStars in Fantasy Sports has several implications for those in the same industry. The state’s definition of gambling might change with the entry of PokerStars in the industry. Amaya’s entrance would mark a first in the American Daily Fantasy Sports market. Amaya has, in fact, got a license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as a content supplier and platform in that state’s regulated internet-based gambling market.

The company also has obtained licenses from the other U.S. jurisdictions for operating its land-based business. However, in the wake of the PokerStars’ acquisition, it is being wound down. Moreover, Amaya holds several international licenses, one of which is the recently acquired license from the UK Gambling Commission. Both DraftKings as well as FanDuel are said to be working with billion dollar plus valuations. However, this price tag might prove to be steep for Amaya, considering its recent acquisition of PokerStars. The company’s chairman is of the opinion that no other company can match the capacity of their platform and that theirs’ would be the only software that can support the launch of fantasy sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports is a natural fit for PokerStars

Head of corporate communications at PokerStars, Eric Hollreiser, said that the company would be offering the same quality as its online game offerings across all its other offerings. The sports book offering of the company will be going from strength to strength as the technology continues to improve. The ability of the company to expand its user base in the U.S.A. via Daily Fantasy Sports outside of the barriers of regulation has been found extremely appealing by Amaya. However, since poker and Daily Fantasy Sports are similar in nature, Daily Fantasy Sports is extremely attractive to PokerStars. Daily Fantasy Sports is driven by liquidity and requires the creation and the maintenance of systems that are able to perform under intense pressure on the network involving many parallel and simultaneous connections.

This is not to say that toggling a few buttons here and there would have helped PokerStars create the Daily Fantasy Sports platform. In fact, it sits closely in terms of the quality of the platform to the FanDuel platform. Baazov also announced that PokerStars made the first bet in the company’s history that morning. The sports offering is still available only in limited markets and is expected to spread out to many more.

DraftStars the new Victiv

Pokerstars once more showed its strength by the takeover of Victiv. Players now enjoy playing under the new name: StarsDraft. We've reviewed StarsDraft.

PokerStars Hopes to Score in the Sports Betting Arena
Article Name
PokerStars Hopes to Score in the Sports Betting Arena
Pokerstars / Amaya are heading into the Fantasy Sports Scene by fall 2015 - can they make it without a big partner?

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