Play these Wide Receivers in Week 6

It doesn’t matter what is happening right now in the fantasy sports industry, nothing will change the fact that millions of players will turn out to compete for millions of dollars this weekend.

It takes more than luck to win a fantasy football contest. Sure, you need a little bit of luck on your side, but there is also skill involved. This means choosing the right players at the right time.

Week six of the NFL season is upon us, and it is going to be a big one for wide receivers. If you play your cards right, you may be able to pick up quite a few points from this position on Sunday.

Here are three wide receivers you should consider playing this week:

Brandon Marshall, New York Jets vs. Washington Redskins

The Jets are off to their best start in years, thanks in large part to Marshall’s performance through the first five weeks.

The Redskins may be outperforming expectations in some areas, but their defense remains weak. This is particularly true of its secondary.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

If you have spent any time watching the Steelers this year, you realize one thing to be true: their defense is not what it has been in the past. This is particularly true in the secondary, where the team continues to break in new starters.

He may be getting older, but Fitzgerald still has what it takes to perform at a high level. This could be the week when he proves he is still one of the top pass catchers in the league.

Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

Through the first few weeks of the season, Johnson has been a disappointment (at least by fantasy standards). Even if he failed you earlier this year, it may be time to give him another chance. The Bears’ pass defense is anything but stellar. Add this to the fact that Megatron is due for a breakout game and you have the perfect storm brewing.

Final Thoughts

If you can work one or more of these wide receivers into your week 6 contests, your chance of generating big points from the position will increase.

Which of these three players do you see having the biggest game?

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