Mondogoal’s New Fantasy Sports Game

MondoGoal now offering Fantasy Soccer for Women's World Cup

Mondogoal is considered to be among the fastest elevating global fantasy sports developers, and with its new platform development, there is no doubt that Mondogoal will continue its dominance at the top of the global fantasy sports world. As if soccer was not already one of the most popular sports on the planet, Mondogoal has officially introduced a new pay as you play fantasy game. The fantasy game is courtesy of the 2015 Women’s World Cup and the award for winning is $10,000. This special pay as your play fantasy game is the first for any sports specific to women.

Not only is the 2015 Women’s World Cup fantasy game a major breakthrough for women’s sports, it also allows fans to participate in the co-ed option specific to the game. Participants can take part in special contests where they are able to merge players from both the women’s and the men’s World Cup players. This special feature will allow participants a wider range of options when choosing their preferred fantasy game team line-up.

Shergul Arshad, the CEO of Mondogoal, is especially excited about the introduction of the new fantasy sports game and is certain that there will be a lot of participation to make the new game a success. He states that the 2015 Women’s World Cup is a perfect platform for a new fantasy sports game not only because soccer is a very popular sport for many passionate soccer players and fans, but also because the game is an ideal option for individuals with an interest popular global events and female sports. This breakthrough move could possibly open new doors for the sport of soccer and for women’s sports in general. There are already fantasy games for Major League Soccer and with the Women’s World Cup fantasy game, Mondogoal has made it possible for soccer fans in North America to enjoy the opportunity to partake in fantasy games from the European and North American leagues.

How the Game Works

In case there is any uncertainty on exactly what a pay as you play fantasy game is, here is a breakdown of how individuals are able to participate:

To begin playing, the individual must visit the website for Mondogoal and login to the account. If there is not an account, the individual must create one. For each day that you play, the individual must select a team that is comprised of 11 players. The players can be selected from the 4 games and the individual must use the salary cap that is formatted by Mondogoal. Once the team has been chosen, the individual will watch the Women’s World Cup, which is scheduled for the dates of June 6, 2015 until July 5, 2015. Every contribution that the chosen players make to the team will earn the players points according to the significance of the contribution. At the end of each day, the team with the highest combined scores will be awarded cash prizes. Scores are based off of a series of statistics that have been set by analytical statisticians at Perform’s Opta Sports. Points are given to the players that have contributed complete passes, assists, goals, tackles (won or lost), shutouts, and a whole lot more. There are daily contests that Mondogoal runs for the Europa League, World Cup, and Champions League among others including Serie A, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Ligue 1, Premier League, Bundesliga, the FA Cup, and the European Championship Qualifiers. Every match day presents an opportunity to win cash prizes in either a head-to-head matchup or a multi-user tournament. All the individual has to do is add funds to his or her fantasy game account to begin play.

Because the Women’s World Cup fantasy game offers fans the ability to choose players from the Major Soccer League and the Women’s World Cup, the team selection may be a bit harder. The soccer stars that can be chosen are Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi, Clint Dempsey, Neymar, among others. Combining those soccer superstars with the ones of the Women’s World Cup (Marta, Alex Morgan, Christine Sinclair, and Abby Wambach to name a few) can build a phenomenal team that could possibly be the $10,000 top cash prize winner.

About Mondogoal

Mondogoal is a corporation located in the Isle of Man and operates its business out of Boston Massachusetts. The company is heavily backed by a variety of investors who have extensive backgrounds with eBay, Bingham Dana & Gould, Google, Morgan Stanley, and JBoss. For this game in particular, Mondogoal has linked up with eGaming investors and the best soccer clubs from all across the world to ensure that all specifications needed to make the 2015 Women’s World Cup fantasy game a success is included in the game.

Mondogoal offers a special system that allows fantasy sports fans to use their fantasy team players a variety of ways to earn points and win cash prizes. Opta Sports works closely with Mondogoal by providing live statistics updates for fans to be able to experience fantasy sports at the same time that the specific match is being played live. There are a variety of web sites that can offer individuals great opportunities to participate in fantasy sports, but there is none that can offer a phenomenal experience like Mondogoal. Mondogoal offers real time score updates, competition between a variety of different leagues, and substantial cash prizes.

Mondogoal is a company that is licensed to operate all around the globe. This is a very beneficial aspect for a daily fantasy sports platform that offers cash play because it makes it easier for the company to market its products across the globe. Mondogoal has a special emphasis on specific countries including the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil. For the first 24 weeks of the launch of the new platform, Mondogoal had been able to give substantial cash prizes on a weekly basis. This has resulted in an increase of soccer fan participation as well.

For more information on the 2015 Women’s World Cup fantasy game and Mondogoal, please visit the Mondogoal review page.


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