Fantasy Sport Leagues Overview

What kind of sport fan are you? Depending on the time of the year, different sport leagues are help throughout the year. 14% of all Americans have been in touch with fantasy sport leagues in one-way or the other. For Canadians this number is even higher. 19% of the entire Canadian population has played a fantasy sport league.

Most fantasy sport players are obviously playing the number one sport Football in their fantasy league. Since the rise of fantasy leagues in general there has been innovation in form of what kind of leagues you can play now.

The graphic below will help you to get an overview on all Fantasy Sports and when you can play them. Please note that this graphic might vary from season to season, however it should give you a nice overview on when the major sport leagues take place.

We are covering all things you need to know on the different fantasy sport leagues one by one. Simply click on the league and that brings you to the overview on each league.


CFB (College Football) August until January
NFL (National Football League) August until January
NBA (National Basketball Association) October until April
CBB (College Basketball) November – April
NHL (National Hockey League) October until April
MLB (Major League Baseball) April until October
PGA – All year
MLS (Major League Soccer) March – October