Interview with FanPicks Marketing Manager Aldo Panessidi

FanPicks Marketing Manager Aldo Panessidi is excited about the future of daily fantasy sports. We recently spoke with him about everything from the FanPicks platform to the industry, with his answers listed below:

1. What sets Fanpicks apart in a crowded industry?

The rising popularity of fantasy sports is intensifying the player`s motivation to draw on their knowledge of sports and use their skills to compete in fantasy challenges against other players. However, DFS providers remain unresponsive to fantasy players’ increasingly urgent demands for new more challenging contest and promotions as well as innovative gaming format options.

In an environment in which DFS sites are but mere replicas of one another; each offering similar unexciting contests with ordinary vanilla type gaming formats – Fanpicks holds the promise of welcome relief for daily fantasy players everywhere.

Although Fanpicks is a relative new comer having launched in conjunction with the 2015 NFL season, we are quickly emerging as one of the more prominent world-class DFS sites. In the short time since our launch, Fanpicks, has already made impressive strides to position ourselves as a New Breed of DFS destination… through the introduction of new exciting contests and promotions bundled in unique gaming formats. We continuously monitor the DFS market for emerging trends and demands relative to evolve and improve on our product every day. We are laser focused on delivering the most entertaining and enhanced customer experience on the web.

Fanpicks has already recruited one of the most impressive lists of professional-athlete endorsers. These luminaries do more than just attach their names to the site – they actively host the contests and socially interact with our members/players on Facebook and Twitter. To this end, when our members play at Fanpicks, they can very well be engaging first hand with celebrities like Hulk Hogan, Roddy White, Thurman Thomas, Sammy Watkins, AJ Green, Le`veon Bell and Steve Smith Sr. Fanpicks continues to add many other super stars on a daily basis.

Beyond the novelty of having professional athletes participating in some of the games, Fanpicks has built one of the most impressive sites in the industry. A highly engaging user interface coupled with dynamic roster formats, scoring settings and unique fantasy sports contests; all contribute to enable Fanpicks to outmaneuver the competition and provide the most exciting player engagement. True trailblazers, Fanpicks will soon be introducing ground-breaking gaming formats such Props, Easy Pick, Multi-Sports and Fantasy Point Spread which no other DFS offers.

2. What is your take on the current state of fantasy sports in the United States?

There is nothing make-believe about the growth of fantasy sports over the past decade or so. This growth has also spurred new revenue streams in both vertical and horizontal sports related markets. According to Forbes, the fantasy football market fuels an estimated $70B in ancillary markets with the largest vertical marketing being Gaming Software Industry.

There are currently close to 57M fantasy sports players in North America alone… we believe that two things need to happen in the medium and long term to sustain an grow the DFS industry as a whole.

These are innovation in gamification as well as jurisdiction and legal clarity.

Pretty much every new DFS entrant makes claim of being different from the rest… but their claims of uniqueness just don’t ring true. Currently all DFS operate stats and roster-based fantasy contests with each offering identical game formats. Given this formula, if f you’re not a stats grinder; then you’re just lucky when you win.

The DFS industry needs games that are more accessible to more players and that are easier to play. The audience — sports fans — is primed and ready. However, the new games must continue to maintain relevance to the fan base. They shouldn’t only rely on rosters and stats – They should rely on fandom and fan passion.

At Fanpicks were are continuously monitoring DFS market evolution coupled with emerging player demands so that we can deliver the contests and games that our players want at the right time for the right buy in. We are primed to develop awesome and highly commercially successful DFS gamification innovations.

We believe that the DFS industry needs a definitive legislation with clear state-by-state regulations and consumer protection measures.

Unlike some of our competitors who want to block regulatory standards within the industry; we at Fanpicks believe that regulatory measures will level the playing field. To this end, we embrace and support state regulators to enact legislation regarding, the adoption of state regulations that safeguard players and the implementation of related controls to ensure all operators are held to a high standard of consumer protection and business integrity.

3. What are the most popular games and types of contests on Fanpicks?

Currently NFL is the most popular sport at Fanpicks followed by MLB, NBA, NHL and College Sports. We see players avidly engaging with all our salary cap contest types with a prevalence for our guaranteed, Winner Take All and 50/50 formats having an edge. We will soon be releasing a unique suite of games which will include Props, Easy Pick, Cross-Sports, and Fantasy Point Spread formats will quickly gain popularity with our fantasy players.

On a broader scale we feel that we will be able to convert mainstream Soccer, NASCAR, PGA and MMA/UFC fan base into fantasy players. We can’t rule out future fantasy successes in horse racing, cricket and other sports… and we feel that eSports will be gaining momentum.

4. How do you see Fanpicks changing over the next 12 months?

At Fanpicks we continuously monitor the market to anticipate emerging trends and shifts while identifying market inflection points relative to be first to market with the most innovative gaming formats. To this end, we have underpinned an in depth plan to usher ground-breaking technology enhancements and operational expansions

The following provides a list of our innovations to come

  • Fully responsive web site – allowing a full cross-channel gaming experience on PC, Tablet and Mobile Phones
  • Develop awesome and highly commercially successful gamification and mobile applications
  • Made to Measure Contests and Tournaments – designed to meet players’ emerging demands:
    • Multiple million dollar contests
    • Many new contest types such as Fantasy “spread”, Easy Pick, prop-type contests, large bonus payouts, MULTI-sport contests
  • Advanced web site design, efficiency, navigation and functionality
    • More interactive user interface
    • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased interactive with not only Facebook and Twitter, but many different social media platforms
  • Focus on educating new users who may be intimidated with simple contests, with how-to videos, beginner “no salary cap” contests and more….
  • Develop highly-engaging and relevant ‘one stop’ advice source for the fantasy sports industry
  • Introduction of more projections and predictions tools
  • Position ourselves as the ‘New Breed’ of DFS having the maximum sports and contest types relative to create the most engaging and entertaining fantasy sports destination
  • Increase the amount of sport we will offer in addition to NFL, CFB, NBA, MLB, NHL…. PGA, MMA/UFC, soccer, NASCAR

5. Is there anything in particular you want your target market to better understand about Fanpicks?

We created Fanpicks with the fantasy player in mind; we will continue to address your demands and provide more exciting contests, maximum interactivity and game innovation to ensure your optimized entertainment during your online time with us. We invite you to come play with… Play for Fun – Win For Real


If you want to find out even more about Fanpicks, read our Fanpicks Review!

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