Interview with Fanaments CEO Bragi Egisson

When it comes to daily fantasy sports in Europe, Fanaments is often considered the new kid on the block. However, it hasn’t taken long for the company to gain the respect of the industry.

Fanaments is well known for its easy to use and revolutionary platform. Furthermore, and just as important, players have access to a large number of sports, including European based favorites such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League.

Of course, players also have access North American games, including but not limited to: NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Bragi Ægisson Director at Fanaments

We recently had the chance to connect with Fanaments Director Bragi Egisson. He shed some light on a variety of topics, including the daily fantasy industry in the United States, the future of Fanaments, and much more.

Where do you see the daily fantasy sports space heading in the next year?

It will keep gaining momentum outside North America. I can even see some big players in Europe getting involved.

It is hard to tell what exactly will happen in the US with recent news that NY has banned DFS in the state. In my opinion it should be legalized and regulated in the US, and I certainly hope the politicians share my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the recent legal developments in the United States?

I understand the actions to some extent with regards to current gaming laws, but that does not mean I agree with the actions. The big US sites were obviously pushing it with authorities with their extreme ad campaigns, and other bad PR did not help. Of course it will raise some concerns and people will ask, how is this different than some other form of wagering, e.g. poker? But like I said, I really hope DFS will not go down the same route.

What measures does Fanaments take to avoid regulatory issues?

The US problems does not affect us directly, since we never have accepted US players. We wanted to avoid that from day 1 since it was really unclear to us how it would end up. We are regulated in Europe and will consider going into local markets as well.

In your eyes, what sets Fanaments apart from the competition?

More variety of games, great support and simplistic and great product on all devices.

What are your expansion plans? Many of our readers want to know if you will be rolling out in Germany in the near future?

We accept Germans as it is but our core focus has not been aimed there so far. That can certainly change in the coming months, as there are a lot of things going on behind the scene at the moment.

We want to take this time to once again thank Bragi for answering these questions and providing an in-depth look at Fanaments and the daily fantasy sports industry as a whole.

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