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The Top 7 Free Fantasy Football Sites

Fantasy Football has a huge fan-base, and continues to grow. In the world of Fantasy Sports, there are many free fantsy football sites to choose from.

With so many choices, how do you know which websites are the best? Which ones are absolutely free? Which ones have the most users? Which ones have the best interactive tools and instant updates?

 Find out which sites offer the best perks to help you decide which one(s) you will use to help you score and win big. 

Free Fantasy Sites without real money bets is a great place to start for all your fantasy football needs. makes it easy to assemble your winning picks with their helpful tools such as ranking the players by their position. Find out how each player ranks according to quarter backs, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers, and defensive linemen. Check out who is performing on top so you can snatch them for your team before someone else does.

At, you can also set up your desired team before the fantasy draft starts. Use the “predict the pick-NFL draft game” tool to help you organize your wish list of players for each position. And if you have questions along the way, you can ask a question or browse frequently asked questions to get the answers you need. Or if you are an expert at all things fantasy football, you can answer questions posed by other members. Show off your expertise by answering a fellow player’s questions. is another excellent site for free fantasy football. The sports channel you love brings you up-to-date news on which players have been recently drafted by what teams and which players have been training extra to avoid repeat injuries. Also, find the rankings of each player in terms of free-agent moves, suspensions, and trades by ESPN’s analysts.

Stay informed on important updates with ESPN’s mobile app products. There you can create teams and leagues, practice mock drafts pre-Live Draft. Then, enter your picks when the fantasy draft begins. Once the games begin, get live feeds on what’s happening with news and updates. Receive instant alerts of injuries, trades, and scoring updates; invite your friends to the league through social media; receive fantasy news and videos from ESPN fantasy analysts; and talk trash to your weekly opponent, or your entire league if you feel brave enough! is another website for managing your fantasy football team. Sign in and assemble your draft picks, starting with a mock draft. Use the draft guide to help you with your picks. Find out the top 200 players by each position, and use a cheat sheet for that extra info to help you get your winning team together.

Click on the research tab to discover what players are added or dropped the most, what players are expected to have the best week, how other FOX Sports users are managing their teams, and other research. The more you know, the better you can strategize and pick your winning lineup.

Free & Real Money Fantasy Football Sites

Fan Duel Promo Code 2015FanDuel is an ideal site for free fantasy football if you want to just test the waters. FanDuel lets you sign up for one-day leagues with no season-long commitments. With more than 20,000 leagues available every day and the ability to play in as many as you want, you’re sure to find the right one for you. FanDuel boasts of $10 million in cash prizes won every week and instant payouts after the league has ended. Make sure you use our Fanduel Promo Code before you signup!

Draftkings Promocode 2015Draftkings is another site that offers daily fantasy football. With DraftKings, there is no season-long commitment, so you can virtually avoid the risk of injured players and drab draft days. You can choose from either free or paid contests. More than $1 billion are guaranteed to be awarded in cash and prizes this year. And you can play on any device. DraftKings is available on desk tops, tablets, and mobile devices equipped with Android or iOS. Draftkings offers one of the best First Deposit bonuses of all fantasy football sites, check out Draftkings Promo Code.
starsdraft-logo-sWith StarsDraft (see our StarsDraft Review), you can build your fantasy team for free. There is no deposit required, and the first $30 to play in on them. Receive 3 free Bankroll Builder tickets when you sign up. Just draft your lineup and stay within the salary cap. There are over $200,000 in cash prizes won every week. And they offer one the largest first deposit bonus of 100% up to $1,00 . If you’re not sure who to pick, use the VICTRON lineup generator and create a team based on where you drag the sliders. allows you to pick your star lineup in seconds. Choose your players and then decide whether to go the free route, or up the ante and join a paid league. Just pick a contest you want to enter, then choose the entry fee and prize you want. Then pick your team from each of the categories of players. Compete against others in your league. If your team receives the most points, you win!

When you are first starting a fantasy football league, it is best to choose one of the free sites mentioned above, especially the first three. That way, you get the feel of the game without losing any money if players don’t perform the way you expect. Learn the details of fantasy football such as mock drafts, drafting, and trading players. Once you have mastered the many aspects of fantasy football, then dive into paid playing sites. Also, when you begin on the paid sites, it is best to start your bets small. Don’t go crazy right from the beginning and regret it later!

With so many free websites to choose from for playing fantasy football, it can be hard to choose the best one. Use the above tips to help you choose the right one for you. Before you get started, be sure you have done your homework on the players and their stats, injury reports, trades, and free agents. Doing these first will help make sure you have a fun and rewarding experience each year with your fantasy football competitions.

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The Top 7 Free Fantasy Football Sites
Want to try your luck with fantasy football? Why don't you start playing for free?! Find out who the top 7 Sites are where you can start without money.

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