Fantasy Sports in Danger for US-Players?

What the future will hold for Internet Gambling in the United States has once again become undetermined, as Jason Chaffetz the Republican Congressman has made public the plans to re-introduce a bill that would consider online gambling all over the US as illegal.

The US Justice Department in 2011, made decision to make states to permit online gambling, excluding sports betting. Since then, it is only New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware that have utilized this opportunity, even though some other states such as, California and Washington have made their interest known in providing regulated online gambling for all their citizens.

The Restoration of America's Wire Act of Chaffetz would revert this decision. Online horse racing and fantasy sports were the only activities the bill permitted.

Chaffetz has also said he sees online gambling as a threat to family values. According to his statement, it is not a good idea to put an app on all phones for people to gamble anytime anywhere.

Another report gave that, newly proposed legislation is one of the strategies by Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, and Sheldon Adelson lobby group. The aim of this lobby group is to pressurize Congress to re-introduce on all Internet Gambling in the US a blanket ban.

Within the realms of real world casino action for so many years, Sheldon Adelson has been a huge public image, and he also fell in the 24th position on 2015 Hurun Global Rich List of the richest people in the globe, having a net worth nearing £28 Billion. Sheldon Adelson is also a key contributor to the Republican Party, and he is the owner of Sands Casino located in Las Vegas, including other gambling centers in Singapore, Pennsylvania, and Macau.
The opinion of industry experts is that the Restoration of America's Wire Act will fail. The opinion of Poker News was that, even though there is a very little chance of passing the bill, many controversies will surround the bill, and hearings should be expected to occur on the proposed bill.

Impact on Fantasy Sports

What this means for Fantasy Sport fans also stays unknown. Even though Fantasy Sports and Horse Racing are clearly excluded from the America’s Wire Act, this would mean that Fantasy Sports would be the logical next step to target. On the other hand, if more states were to be excluded from gambling this could lead to another increase in popularity for fantasy sports and horse racing. Either way, we will keep you updated!


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