Fantasy Soccer Leagues

Fantasy Soccer Leagues Overview

Just as Fantasy Football is a multi-million dollar sport, so is Fantasy Soccer. Fantasy soccer, though, has many leagues available, as well as many free sites to play on. There are sites that offer fantasy soccer leagues, fantasy premier leagues, and fantasy soccer champions’ league. Let’s take a look at each and see what they have to offer.

Sites that offer Daily Fantasy Soccer

Soccer is gaining popularity in the states in general, so is fantasy soccer and especially daily fantasy soccer for real money.

A must stop for all soccer fans is the site called Draftkings. Here you can play daily fantasy soccer and enjoy the flexibilty to also play other fantasy sports. It's the second biggest company out there and definetly caters the need of all soccer lovers. Read yourself up on our Draftkings Review.

Another site that offers daily fantasy soccer for real money is called MondoGoal. It's a rather new fantasy site, however it already made great progress by teaming up with many Premier League Clubs, such as Liverpool for example.

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Other Fantasy Soccer sites

MLS Soccer is a fantasy soccer site that lets you choose your 18-man roster within the $120 million budget. You can create your own league, or join an already existing league, and go head-to-head. Then, each week you choose your 11 starting players. You can also transfer players if you choose. And possibly the best part is the prizes. There are over $10,000 worth of prizes available.

MLS Soccer also helps you make informed decisions each week about the players you will pick. For example, MLS Soccer compares the points earned by center backs versus full backs. That way, you can get a better idea of who might earn you the most points. The site looks at which teams have earned the most points defending in the last 6 weeks. From there, you can decide on your own which players on those teams deserve a spot in your weekly roster.

MLS Soccer announces which players are out because of injuries, and for how long. Hopefully your players don’t end up on that list, but if they do, you’ll be informed and ready to choose someone else the next week.

Euro-Fantasy League is a website where you can join as many teams and create as many mini-teams as you like for free. You can also make 20 transfers for free. These transfers are for all your teams combined. Choose your favorite players to make up your team for that week. Euro-Fantasy League also announces the injury report, stats, and other updates.

Togga offers fantasy premier leagues. In your fantasy premier league, scoring can happen anywhere-from runs and tackles to pinpointing crosses. Togga managers can add free agents, transfer players between clubs, and claim players released from other clubs. There is no salary cap and no player limitations, so you can choose from any player.

Premier League is another fantasy soccer premier league. First, you choose your squad of 15 players from the Barclays Premier League. So you know you’ll get the best of the best on your team. You can create and join leagues to compete against friends and family, colleagues, or a web community in private leagues. Each week you will choose your 11 players, choose your captain, and make transfers.

At, you start by choosing a group of 15 players from the participating clubs in the UEFA champion league. Then you either join leagues of play against your friends. Choose your 11 each match day and manage your team throughout the tournament. And when you pick your top 5 players, you can win great prizes like Sony PlayStations and TVs.

With Yahoo! Fantasy soccer, you build your team to win. Play major tournaments including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, and Campionato Italiano. Yahoo! Fantasy soccer allows you to access your teams on any device, so you can take your team with you wherever you go. Use extensive statistics on every player to help you stay ahead. Yahoo Fantasy Soccer lists the top defenders, midfielders, goal keepers, and forwards for the week. Then you create and join private leagues to compete and find out who has the most soccer knowledge.

There are many fantasy soccer leagues out there to choose from. Each one has its own advantages and drawbacks. It is best to check out a few first before determining how in-depth you want to get with fantasy soccer. Start out small and see how it goes. With so many fantasy soccer league websites out there, you are sure to find one that is right for you.

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