Fantasy Football Websites

Fantasy Football Websites

The NFL brand is unsurpassed in professional sports and the impact this has on the fantasy sports industry is astronomical. You don’t have to go to far to see the dozen’s of partnerships created by the NFL and its affiliates. Whether multi million dollar TV deals, apparel, commercials during the Super Bowl or gambling you can’t get away from the “Shield” and there’s no time of year where talking football is not appropriate. This doesn’t exclude fantasy football either, as the combine is set to take place shortly with free agency following close behind, and then the draft, all of which impact the most popular fantasy sports game in the free world… by far.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a casual hobby for most, but a way of life for many, a fact that is tragic, unless of course you are making a living playing it. You know the drill right? You put together a team of professional football players and watch intently on Sundays to make sure your team beats your opponents team for that week. People poor in millions of dollars every year to be competitive in their respective leagues, from entry fees, to Fantasy Magazine Cheat Sheets, to NFL packages purchased through your local cable provider. Beating your friends, co-workers, and in-laws is of the utmost importance and the NFL is here for you to assist in your conquests. Fantasy Football seemingly has taken over the gaming world and it’s not hard to understand why. First of all it’s easy to get involved and does not consume as much time as other fantasy sports. It heightens the interest of a game that people already love and makes them better fans. Finally its easy to be lucky in Fantasy Football which means anyone can achieve success, which makes playing that much more enjoyable.


How to play Fantasy Football

First you have to get your own league or join a public league. Leagues range between 8-12 participants, the more league members, the more challenging it is to choose a roster that’s good. The league needs to decide if they want to play in a head to head league, where stats are counted for one week at a time against one other person in the league. Standings are based on wins and losses based on total fantasy points accumulated by your team versus your opponent’s. Win or lose, the next week you’ll face a different opponent. The other option is a Rotisserie format where stats are accumulated throughout the course of the season. This option is uncommon in Fantasy football. Once league format is discussed, the draft format needs to be decided on. You can do a snake draft where everyone gets to pick a player in one round and then everyone gets to pick in reverse order the next round. The amount of rounds you will have is determined by how many roster spots are allowed on your team. The other option is an auction draft where you are designated a dollar amount of pretend money and you bid on players, essentially purchasing them for the season. You assign your own value and get who you want as long as you have the funds. Finally league settings are set up based on what positions you want to have on your rosters, and what stats you want to be measured. Standard leagues have a roster consisting of a QB, 2 WRs, 2 RBs, TE, 1-2 FLEX spots, a kicker and a defense. The most common statistics measured are passing , rushing and receiving TDs and yards as well points awarded for incremental field goal kicking based on yardage and a bunch of defensive stats including INTs, fumble recoveries, points allowed, return TDs and sacks. It is essential that you have a draft day strategy based on your roster and the league settings, both of which you should familiarize yourself with as soon as you join the league.

Best Fantasy Football Sites

Like baseball fantasy football is not difficult to find information on. For daily real money leagues Draftkings and Fanduel still continue to be the frontrunner in the gaming industry. Daily leagues are especially popular for football, due to the shorter season and how soon teams in standard leagues be deemed uncompetitive. Many gamers move their energy and resources out of their current league to give daily leagues a shot. There are several daily, most requiring a buy in, while issuing a pay out if your one week rental team wins.

Our Top 3 Fantasy Football Sites

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Right now there a people still recovering from their bad fantasy football beat, and are chomping at the bit to get started on the 2015 season. There are however a lot of unanswered questions going into the season, so patience is the name of the game. When your time rolls around, you have to seize the moment, do some research and delight in beating the fire out of all your closest acquaintances’.


A short run through from our expert for weekly or season leagues:

After years of fantasy experience, I’ve come to the realization that who you draft on draft day is not nearly as important as how you draft. Most gamers myself included play in multiple fantasy football leagues per season, and the reason why I have to time to manage all this is not relevant in this form. Though I have won significantly more head to head matchups than I’ve lost, the actual amount of championships I have won is far from brag worthy. Having won multiple championships this past season I realized upon further examination of my winning rosters, I observed that my teams on draft day were vastly different than my teams on week 16. There are many reasons that this can happen, but the ultimate conclusion here is that draft strategy if aligned properly with draft methodology has more to do with a winning formula than the actual players taken on draft day.

The “how” you draft really is two fold in that you first have to identify what type of draft your league is having. Are you engaging in an online snake draft where draft position is random, and you have no idea where you are drafting until 30 minutes before draft time. Perhaps the draft order has been assigned and you have known exactly where you are drafting. Live drafts with friends if logistically sensible are highly recommended and the most fun if you can swing it, but live drafts can be grueling as there are several distractions and draft times per pick are traditionally longer. The how within the how of the snake draft is a bit more complicated, but try to follow me. Remember, who you draft is only somewhat important but how you pursue certain blocks of positions has everything to do with your success.

For example, DeMarco Murray, gave whoever in your league who took him, first round value in the 2nd or 3rd round. So for those of you who went QB (Manning or Rodgers) in the first round and still landed DeMarco Murray essentially received two first round picks. You’re tempted to attribute this to luck, but in many cases this was calculated strategy. At the WR position if you chose a RB early in the first round, there’s a good chance you missed out on a premium WR as Damaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson were all gone. The thing is the gamers who just chose either of those 3 WRs all came out about the same from week to week, and by seasons end. You may have secured Gronk or Antonio Brown with your 2nd or 3rd pick and now you’ve offset your roster from not having a premium receiver.

In an auction draft you are allotted a certain dollar amount at the start, and you must strategically use that money to build a roster. Amounts vary per league but it doesn’t matter if its $2800 or $280, as long as everyone gets the same amount of chips the playing field is level. The greatest thing about an auction is that if you want a player, he’s as good as yours… the key is not letting anyone know you want him bad. If you go back to the snake draft example for WRs… three guys are paying for 3 top WRs. That’s how they decided to spend their money. The guy who got Antonio Brown, paid significantly less, but got significantly more value and had more money to spend on another position.

In an auction you can spend big early securing 3-4 major cogs, sometimes less, or hoard all of your money and fill your roster with serviceable players at every position. Both strategies have more cons than pros, and a balanced roster is the way to go. Putting all your eggs in one or two baskets is risky and having a roster full of boom or bust guys waters down your line up is not much fun.

Every roster will have good players, over achievers, under achievers, and deal with injuries. Injuries are the driving force behind waiver wire activity but inactivity is not an option. Keep moving, try to eek out value with trades and in free agency.

Constantly look for opportunities to sell high and buy low on players, and realize the curse of success out of the gates is that you pass up on outstanding free agents. Last season I started with Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Brandin Cooks, and Monte Ball before removing them all and obtaining Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, C.J Anderson and LeSean McCoy. That’s some serious roster turnover, and my two biggest week 16 blowouts were Anderson and Beckham. I hate talking about my fantasy roster, but the big idea is your roster immediately after the draft is just paint on the canvas and its up to you to add color throughout the course of the season to create a work of art worthy of competing for a championship.

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Fantasy Football Websites
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