Fantasy Football Highest Number of Games

If you are on the lookout for making money and you are a huge football fan, then fantasy football might just be the thing for you. The best part is you can do it all right from your computer. As long as you know the game and how to use this knowledge to your advantage then you will have a good chance of making quite a bit of money.

With that said, you may be wondering which fantasy football site is right for you and more specifically which sites offer you the highest number of games to play. After all, the more often you can play, the more opportunities you will have to win games and make money.

Fanduel – The Fantasy Football Marketleader

Fan Duel Promo Code 2015Fanduel is one of those fantasy football sites that allow you access to a multitude of game opportunities. Once you have picked the league as well as the team which you will be part of, it only remains for you to start playing. With over 25 000 one week fantasy football leagues to choose from and up to 13 000 different teams within each league, your game possibilities are truly endless. Depending on the size of the league you join, you may only get a minimum amount of games to play however you do have the option of joining more than one league. Fanduel probably has the highest number of available games for you to play making it a very good choice. In case you decide to play there make sure you use the Fanduel Promo Code FFFS

You should definetly check out our artile that covers sites like Fanduel by the way!

DraftKings – Second biggest Fantasy Football Site

Draftkings Promocode 2015This fantasy football site may not offer as many games as Fanduel, but if you want to earn money DraftKings offers many different contests in which you can do so. The league sizes are not very large however instead of the full season game play that is popular amongst most fantasy football sites, DraftKings offers games that you can continue to play on a daily basis and still remain in the running. Many of the contests are also offered free of charge which is an added bonus. DraftKings is a good choice if you are looking for variety as well as a decently high number of games to play.

StarsDraft – DFS made by Pokerstars

starsdraft-logo-sThis last fantasy sports site StarsDraft is similar to DraftKings in that you get variety as well as plenty of game time. Originally launched as Victiv, but now acquired from Pokerstars. You have the freedom to challenge as many teams as you like within your league and you can also play these games on a daily basis. Though it may not have the highest number of games in the industry, it is very simple to get started. You can earn money very fast and the more contests you enter, the greater your chances of winning. There are many other fantasy football sites out there like Draft Hero and Bet America that also carry fairly high stakes in fantasy football and would be worth checking out.


So if you know you will be playing a lot and are looking for the highest number of games you can play with fantasy football, these options would definitely be worth your consideration. Have fun!

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