Fanduel Vs Draftkings The Fight

FanDuel Vs DraftKings

Fanduel vs. Draftkings Who is the leader in fantasy sports

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In the world of short-term fantasy sports such as daily and weekly leagues there are two big hitters. The battle for leadership is constantly going on: DraftKings Vs FanDuel. If you have spent any time in the world of fantasy sports you are bound to have heard of them both, but what are the differences between the services offered by these two industry leaders? Let’s take a look and analyse some of the features offered by these two sites look into FanDuel vs DraftKings.


The battle between these giants is a continuation of the long-standing Boston / New York sports rivalry with FanDuel being based in New York while DraftKings are based in Boston. The first thing any player thinking about setting up an account on a daily fantasy sports site will probably think about is, “what site offers me the best bonus for signing up?”. The first victory in this battle goes to: DraftKings.

Bonus Comparison

Both sites offer a signing up bonus in form of free contests. We recommend taking advantage of both offers 😉

NameBonusPromo CodePlay
Fantasy Sport Fan Duel Logo

The FanDuel 5-Pack

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Drafts Kings Logo

Free Entry Ticket

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Rake Comparison

When playing games like poker or daily fantasy sports the players play against each other and not against the house like in traditional gambling – but the house still needs to make money right. The way they do so is by charging something called rake. What rake is, it is just a small percentage of the entry fee into a league or tournament that the site takes for themselves, the rest of the entry fee goes into the prize pool. Obviously, the less money is taken in rake the more money there will be in the prize pool, so low rake is good.

FanDuel takes 10% rake across the board, all games they offer take a flat 10% from the entry fee for themselves. How about DraftKings, how do they compare? Well they too take rake starting at 10% although it is not flat, but instead slides downwards as the entry fee increases. The rake taken by DraftKings actually slides down to 5.66% for their highest buy in games.

Game Comparison

As far as the selection of games on offer it is hard to pick a winner in the battle of FanDuel vs DraftKings. Both offer salary capped games and very high GPP (guaranteed prize pool) tournaments. These prize pools offered by both sites are not small, both having tournaments with prize pools of $1,000,000 every single week! That’s an opportunity to win money that will change your life, every single week of the season!

One feature that DraftKings offers that FanDuel does not is freeroll leagues with cash prizes. Freeroll leagues are leagues that you do not need to pay to enter – entry is totally free – but offer the winners real money prizes at the end. DraftKings offers a freeroll every week with prize pools of up to $1,000. There are more freerolls offered by DraftKings during the opening week of the season.


When you win some money playing on one of these sites you are going to want to withdraw some of that money so you can start spending your hard-earned winnings. How do both the giants of the fantasy sports world compare when it comes to withdrawing your funds? Both sites offer withdrawal via PayPal to make transactions as easy and efficient as possible.

Some people may immediately think, “oh, but I have to pay fees to PayPal when I accept payments!” and of course they would be right. Fortunately though, FanDuel have thought about this ahead of time and will actually cover your PayPal withdraw fees for you, so if you withdraw $100 from your FanDuel account you will receive $100 into your PayPal account. This is a feature that is welcomed by the entire community of daily fantasy sports. After all, you have worked hard to earn that money, you don’t want to be given some of it away just because you want to be able to spend it.

Mobile Usage

In the modern age many people are using their mobile devices to access services and many will obviously want to access their daily fantasy sports accounts on their tablet or phone. So how well does FanDuel and DraftKings cater to these needs? I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise to say that both of these sites offer excellent mobile services to their users. Both offer an app that allows users to do everything they need from their phone or tablet.

DraftKings App


Fanduel App

Signing up, picking your teams, entering tournaments and leagues as well as depositing money are all covered on all mobile platforms by both FanDuel and DraftKings. If you do not want to use PayPal, both sites do offer wire transfer or check as well.

Gameplay Comparison

When you are picking your team you are given a salary cap and all players are assigned a value and you have to pick your team within that value. In general, FanDuel give players a bit more room to manoeuvre as far as the salary is concerned that the cap is usually slightly higher while the price of players remains about the same. This of course is not a huge issue as everyone else on the site is also competing with the same salary cap and player prices, but it may make it more fun for individuals to squeeze that extra player into your team that you wanted.

The team you have to select is slightly different in the fantasy football leagues on the two different sites. On FanDuel you need to have a kicker on your team whereas on DraftKings you do not. In the past on DraftKings you needed a kicker but at the start of the 2014/2015 season they changed it so that a team does not include a kicker. Instead of having a kicker DraftKings allows you what they call a Flex. A flex is a Running Back, a Wide Receiver or a Tight End.

One difference that potentially does make a difference to serious and casual daily fantasy sports players alike is that on DraftKings they allow late player swaps. What this means is that if you pick you team before the weekend then before money night football the running back you chose for some reason cannot play that game. If the game has not yet started you are allowed to swap out that player for another player assuming the other player’s game has not started either.

On FanDuel if you run into this situation where you find out one of your players can’t play before the game you are forced to keep them in as soon as any games in the weekend`s schedule has started. Again all players on the site have to contend with this but having the ability to swap out players on DraftKings does add another element of skill to the game that allows players to leverage their own knowledge in their own favor even further.

When the matches have started the in-game experience with DraftKings is more enjoyable as stats are updated nearly real time and you can see how your team is performing on the interface within DraftKings.

FanDuel is the bigger of the two sites but the ground is being closed quickly by DraftKings, especially since they purchased the number 3 competitor in the market. So there isn’t much in it between the two sites and both are offering massive bonuses and promotions all the time to try attract more players and keep their current players happy.

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Fanduel Vs Draftkings Summary

As far as which is better in the FanDuel vs DraftKings battle is concerned is a very difficult call to make. Both are industry leaders for a reason. They both offer excellent services and support to all their customers and are leader an every growing niche. It is predicted that the fees taken by these two sites will be greater than all the legal sports books in Las Vegas combined! That is an absolutely staggering statistic that stands as testament to how far the industry of daily fantasy sports has come in recent years as well as how well FanDuel and DraftKings have adapted and grow with the industry to become the two heavy hitters.

If you have not yet got involved in the great world of daily fantasy sports then there has never been a better time to get involved than now! We hope that this article has shed some light on which is the better site for you to sign up to and start playing the wonderful game of daily fantasy sports. Ultimately though, the site you choose is purely down to personal preference, why not try out both? Just get involved and start experiencing the added thrills that daily fantasy sports brings to the already great pass time of watching sports.

The fantasy sports industry is blowing up and there is a lot of money out there to be made playing daily fantasy sports, many are calling daily fantasy sports the new poker, so why waste time, get involved and start making some money and having more fun than you thought possible.

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