FanDuel Acquires NumberFire, Continues to Lead Industry

While FanDuel continues to dominate the daily fantasy sports industry, the company has plans for bigger things in the future. This is why it recently acquired NumberFire.

CEO Nigel Eccles is excited about the acquisition, noting the following in a recent statement:

“Our ambitions have really broadened. We’ve started to think of ourselves less as a fantasy sports business — we want to make sports more exciting.”

What started as a fantasy sports business has turned into something more. This doesn’t mean that FanDuel is leaving the industry behind. What it does mean, however, is that the company is looking for new ways to improve its product and connect with a larger audience.

NumberFire CEO Nik Bonaddio, along with the rest of his team, will be joining the FanDuel family. Bonaddio is just as excited as Eccles about the acquisition, saying:

“I couldn’t imagine a better landing place for us, where our intellectual property has the best chance to grow and prosper.”

In today’s day and age, sports fans are looking for more. They want to be more involved. They want more data. This is particularly true among those who are into fantasy sports, as the difference between winning and losing can be the collection of high quality, useful, and relevant data and statistics.

Will FanDuel Keep Going?

Although the terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed, what we do know is this: the NumberFire acquisition is the third of the year for FanDuel. This leads to a very important question: will the company stop here or continue its buying spree as 2015 comes to an end?

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