DraftKings Launced in UK

DraftKings, the daily fantasy sports titan who has been making headlines recently for its controversial gameplay, launched last Friday in the UK. The company, based in Boston, has already awarded over a billion dollars to their six million players.

DraftKings offers their service in such sports as the NHL, Major League Soccer, golf, and the NBA, and so are hoping that UK fans will be willing to pick up America’s current favorite past time, especially as it opens gameplay in the English Premier League and European soccer.

The UK has a massive market for fantasy sports. However, currently, the more popular version is to play month-long contests that conclude at the end of the sports season. DraftKings is hoping to push the daily gameplay by partnering with Watford, Liverpool, and Arsenal football clubs to advertise their company before the 2016/17 season starts for the Premier League.

Why DraftKings is Openings its Doors to the UK

Although the website is extremely popular in the US and is in fact valued at over $1 billion, they have a valid concern over the fact that they may be pushed to non-existence by harsh regulations in a growing number of US states. The company is hoping that by providing their service to the UK, they can remain as big as they are today. Although the most popular sport in the UK, soccer, is a sport that averages a lower score than the majority of other US-based Sports, it has properties that make it an incredible success on the DraftKing’s platform, which means that many UK fans will feel right at home in playing DFS. PlayingLegal.com created detailed review on DraftKings in the UK for those who want to find out more.


UK residents should be excited for the launch of UK DraftKings this past Friday, as it means that they will have access to a much larger player pool and thus more potential prize money. When playing on any platform remember your limits and above all, have fun!

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