DraftKings inks deal with NASCAR

Fantasy Sports Site Draftkings teams up with NASCAR

DraftKings, the Daily Fantasy Sport Company, is among the market leaders in its field. Recently, it has announced a new deal which will be a pleasant surprise for all adrenaline lovers. It made an exclusive 3-year business contract with the American sports organization NASCAR.

With this agreement, DraftKing now has the exclusive right to use the designation of “Official Daily Fantasy Sports Partner” regarding NASCAR, and it also obtained the licence to develop branded games for NASCAR for the DFS (deals for Sunday) market.

This contracts comes with the agreement from NASCAR to provide DraftKings with direct real-time feed, in order to give players the chance to view all momentarily statistics on races and drivers. This information will be available on the DFS company’s mobile up in near future.


DraftKings is a fantasy sports site and it is among the strongest competitors in the industry. Currently there is an ongoing battle for leadchip of Fanduel Vs Draftkings. They offer Weekly Fantasy Sports contests for cash prizes in all of the five major sports (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and PGA).

What DraftKings intends to do is release new games for the DFS players, by which they can pick teams of the five top NASCAR drivers. The scoring of the drivers will be done by different criteria, such as the finishing position, fastest lap, laps led, position differential and passing differentia. Continue reading our Draftkings Review.

The best part of this contract goes for the players. Winning players, additionally to the money they win will get unique NASCAR prices.

According to the racing organization’s marketing chief, Steve Phelps, with this partnership, NASCAR will be able to extent its influence, attract more people who are fans of racing, connect with them daily and it will provide players with the ultimate experience and enhance the environment for new audience.

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