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DraftHero Review

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Fantasy sports have been on the upswing in the country for quite a while now, with statistics pointing to the fact that over 41 million people are playing these games in Canada and the USA as of 2014. That is a huge number, and with marvelous fantasy sports sites such as DraftHero, it is not surprising. DraftHero has an approach that is both engaging and unique, offering their target audience something fantastic each time they play.

In our DraftHero review, we will cover what the fantasy sports site is all about, all the cool stuff fantasy sports enthusiasts can hope to expect from the platform, as well as its pros and cons.

What is DraftHero?

DraftHero is a daily and weekly draft fantasy sports league that offers players a chance to win real cash prizes on all major leagues in North America, such as basketball, football, baseball and hockey, all with its own unique little twist. The site, which offers a fresh perspective to the fantasy sports market, has a wide range of contests that players can choose from.

DraftHero offers quick and simple drafts with game types and interfaces that are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. This San Francisco based company, with CEO Barak Eisenstein at the helm, has managed to create a convenient and user-friendly daily fantasy sports experience that caters to the 40 million Americans who play every day. Currently, it seems to be ruling the roost in NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB leagues, with a lot more additions and surprises supposedly on the way.

Promotions on DraftHero

DraftHero is fairly new to the fantasy sports market, but that hasn’t stopped it from being among the top choices for American fantasy sports players. The company is still in the process of expanding its promotions, contests and giveaways, there is still much on offer that is sure to keep players hooked. DraftHero incentivizes signing up and setting up an account with them by offering a 200% price match or in other words first time deposit bonus.

So confident is DraftHero that players are going to fall in love with what they have to offer, that they offer a ‘100% money back satisfaction guarantee’. Players that lose their first game and aren’t feeling the love anymore for DraftHero can contact them for a refund up to $100.

First Deposit Bonus on DraftHero

DraftHero Promo Code NICE brings you a 200% up to $600 First Deposit Bonus. Just like every other deposit bonus, this bonus clears in Installments. The good news however is that it actually clears much faster than other bonuses in the fantasy sports industry. The deposit bonus releases in increments of 5% for each time you enter a real money contest.


You are entering a $10 Contest. Therefore you are paying a fee (rake) of $1. Thanks to our best DraftHero Promo Code you are getting $0.5 back, straight into your account.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of DraftHero.com

Like we mentioned before, DraftHero is still in its teething phase, which means that many of its features, promotions, and contests still haven’t been released. Having said that, it seems to excel fantastically in the features and options that it does have to offer. And if what we have seen so far from this fantasy sports site is anything to go by on, all the cool stuff they have lined for release seems to be extremely promising.

According to statistics shared by the company, their average user is said to create 3 teams every day and is said to check up on their real time score updates by logging into the site more than 25 times on any given game night. These statistics seems to point to that fact that fans of DraftHero are definitely showing the love. Here a few things we love about DraftHero.

Easy Sign Up Process:

Setting up an account on DraftHero is quick and easy and takes just a few minutes. The site doesn’t really require too much of personal information from a user, so that’s a plus. The fantasy sports software interface isn’t a complicated one, thereby making every single angle of the game an effortless and completely enjoyable one.

Step 1:

Use our link to visit DraftHero and sign-up. Make sure you are using our DraftHero Promo Code *NICE*.


Step 2:

Once you have registered on DraftHero you are ready to get serious and start playing fantasy sports for real money. Excited? Well go ahead and deposit money. Let DraftHero know that you want the best possible bonus why entering our Promo code. The graphic below helps to guide you where to click.



A Wide Range of Games & Contests:

DraftHero offers every major daily fantasy sports game type including the National Hockey League (NHL), professional football (NFL), professional basketball (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB). There are also different types of daily fantasy sports contests for players to choose from, such as 7 Winner, Top 3, Head to Head, as well as Double Up.
In Head to Head, players have a one-on-one face-off, where they pit their best squads against other players. But if players would like a little preview of what DraftHero has to offer before they sign up, Free-Roll is the way to go. As the website continues to gain traction, there are going to be many more things available in the future to look forward to.

Simplistic Concept:

When it comes to all the fantasy baseball, basketball, hockey, and football sites that are currently on the menu, they can be fairly complex to become adept at, especially where first-time users are concerned. DraftHero on the other hand, is based on a simplistic rapid draft format wherein every event showcases tiers of select and limited players that participants may choose from in order to set up their teams. Due to this simplistic approach, it takes no more than 30 seconds to create a team and get the ball rolling, quite literally, making DraftHero one of the least complex fantasy sports sites in the fantasy sports website division.

Hassle-free Money Deposit:

While the contest buy in’s for DraftHero start at Freeroll, they have been known to go as high as $200. Since there is something for everyone, this allows players to access and enjoy the game irrespective of their risk type or budget. It is a hassle-free experience for players to deposit money into their account so that they may play real cash games, if the Free-Roll isn’t giving them a rush anymore. Players have several safe and secure options of moving cash into their accounts through payment gateways such as Paypal, as well as all major credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

DraftHero App

The DraftHero app on iTunes brings you all the thrill and excitement of fantasy sports leagues right into the playing fields of your smartphone. You can play fantasy sports on most of the North American major leagues. You can also indulge in all the popular sports like baseball, basketball, hockey and football. You can play the daily or weekly contests, all for an entry fee starting from $1!

The DraftHero app was updated on January 07, 2015 and is only 7.8 MB in size. The app is optimized for iPhone 5 and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.


The DraftHero app offers a user-friendly interface, just like the website. The DraftHero app gives you a platform to play against your own friends or even total strangers and win money. There are five categories and you can just select the game you want to play in and start right away!

The DraftHero app gives you a very slick interface that makes it easier to play your favorite games for hours on end. Because you can choose your players and make your own team and play against other teams that are also built by people like you, the thrill is unmatched. Through the DraftHero app, you also stand to win real money.

Through the DraftHero app, you can pick the top 5 among players on a daily basis. You can score and accumulate points amounting to more than $25,000 daily. You can track your players’ performance on a minute-by-minute basis and you can have a team ready in less than 5 seconds. You can view your position and talk to other players as well an even more interactive experience!

Fantasy sports have taken off in a big way in North America and Canada, with millions of players avidly engaging in it on a daily basis. The magic of fantasy sports has also spread across border to the United Kingdom too now.

The appeal of fantasy sports could stem from the fact that you can build your own team of players, own the team, and play against other fantasy teams owned by others like you. The statistics of the players on all teams are based on real life players of the specific sport that choose. Just like a real sports owner, you have the power to sign players, trade, and cut. The games are built on computer modelling of real games based on the statistics of the real players in the real sport. So in fantasy sports, you get a heady mix of the real world and the fantasy world. You may not be a multimillionaire in the real world, but here, you can do everything that a real team owner would do, with just a $1 starting point fee!

The DraftHero app offers participants the chance to win some real prizes by playing in the weekly and daily fantasy sports leagues across all the popular games. The leagues that it is currently a market leader in are NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.

Accessibility & Legality:

FantasySportGuaranteedUnlike other fantasy league sites like FanDuel, DraftHero is open only to players within the United States and Canada, but this is said to change in the near future. Players who meet the legally approved status as well as who are of legal age in Canada and the US are able to participate in this platform, except for those players residing in Tennessee, Montana, Kansas, Louisiana, Arizona, North Dakota, Washington, Vermont, Quebec, Puerto Rico, and other such locations where this platform is prohibited by law. Since the platform is considered gambling to these states and countries, it is important that players are of a legal gambling age, whether they are playing with real cash or not.

Licensing, Security, & Privacy:

Since DraftHero is an honored member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), players can be rest assured that they are dealing with a licensed, safe, and secure business within the daily fantasy sports, a concern that may players seem to have, especially since a liaison such as this involves money. DraftHero offers 128 Bit Authentic and Certified protection and SSL security throughout the site so as to further player security. The site also offers high levels of protection and security across the board for all balances, deposits, and data.


The DraftHero site has a pretty comprehensive frequently asked questions page (FAQ) and scoring rules page, especially for newbies. If there is any other kind of support that a user needs, they may extend their questions, comments or concern’s to DraftHero’s highly responsible and capable support team. For those pressing matters that must be handled in real-time, there is the live messaging center where players can chat with real agents to solve a conundrum they might be in.


There aren’t many disadvantages where DraftHero is concerned, except for the fact that it still doesn’t have as wide a reach as other competitor sites, offering services only in the US and Canada. Apart from that, currently players don’t have as many choices in terms of promotions. But since the company is fairly new and has only just made its foray into the fantasy sports industry, it has a long way to go and grow.

A Final Word

For all fantasy sports enthusiasts who have been waiting for a killer gaming format that is not only compelling, but also easy to understand, with golden cashouts, DraftHero may just be your thing. Right from its lucrative bonus structures and its uncomplicated interface to its rapid fire events and comprehensive support, DraftHero is slowly emerging to be the veritable leader in the fantasy sports industry.