Daily Fantasy Sports Vs Season Long

Is daily fantasy sports a game of skill or a game of chance? That is the question asked by many. The reason for this question could be because of the very nature of the game, since it is played daily, and payouts are delivered daily. Its counterpart, season-long fantasy, on the other hand, seems to be based more on skill than on chance because of its very nature-the fact that it lasts for a much longer duration. But how true is this?

Number of Games are important

In any single season, there are a large number of games being played, which gives the opportunity to prove a certain skill-set over a long period of time. There are greater chances and more time here to prove how talented or skilled you are. There is no team that can give you a guarantee of winning any given game on any given day. On the other hand, there is always a chance of the team, no matter how skilled, losing on any given day. This is why the World Series, for example, runs for seven games. Not just one.

In daily fantasy sports, the duration of one day increases the thrill and excitement factor of fans. It keeps them more engaged and interested, literally on the edge of their seats with adrenalin pumping! In daily fantasy sports too, the success of a team depends on the skill and talent of the lineup over a period of time and not just on one single day, as is popularly believed to be the case. Daily fantasy sports offers fans a unique opportunity that is addictively thrilling and which cannot be provided in any other game or sports-that of creating a different lineup every single day. Nobody is forced to go with the same lineup for the entire season like in season-long fantasy games!

Intense Research

The very fact that you need to build a new team every single day and that is what obviously determines your team’s success or failure is itself proof that daily fantasy sports is not based on chance, but on skill, talent, and intelligence. Unlike the season-long fantasy players who get the luxury of a lot of time to research and decide on their lineups, daily fantasy players cannot afford to have that luxury.

Researching a lineup involves a lot of factors, from observing the performance of players to adds or drops. Waiver wire pickups are an important element of deciding your lineup. There are numerous resources to help even the most novice player to understand the nuances of the game and select a good lineup. There are waiver wire articles and draft guides that help amateurs stay abreast with experts. For this very reason, the season-long fantasy players who go through all this may not be very successful with the daily fantasy sports games even if they find it thrilling.

More choices…more skill needed

There are a greater number of choices for a daily fantasy sports player to pick from than a season-long player. For example, the season-long players have to choose from only 15 waiver wire pickups while the daily fantasy player has to choose from a large group of players. When a season long player is injured, the daily fantasy sports fan looks for players who are injured and the varied opportunities that such injuries could give him. They do not think just about who will replace the injured player. There are so many other factors to be taken into consideration too by the daily fantasy player, such as when a season long player is injured, who will be replacing them today, and does the backup player provide a good value, and what are the salaries, are the salaries on par or enough or already too much, and the risks of the replacement versus the advantages or benefits of the replacement player.


Season long players who venture into daily fantasy sports games, after thinking that these games are just a game of chance and do not require any skill, often have their eyes opened to the amazing complexity, diligence, observation skills, and perceptiveness that is required of daily fantasy sports players. What to do when a player is injured is just a small portion of the actual intellectual processes that go behind every daily fantasy sports game.

There are bad breaks or strokes of bad luck in any sports. Daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy sports is no exception. Unlucky or ill-thought out drafts can damage a team or an opponent’s team in the season-long fantasy sports format. The daily fantasy sports format, however, gives players countless opportunities to showcase their talent and skill and superior planning strategies. This is a huge high for players and it is what keeps dedicated daily fantasy sports fans coming back to the game day after day, even if they lose some games.

While season long games can be played over an entire season, daily fantasy games can only be played on a single day. This gives lawmakers an impression that this is a game of chance, like a lottery or gambling, rather than a game of skill. While there is no doubt that the singular enjoyable factor about daily fantasy sports is that it can be played daily, and that factor keeps players hooked on the game, it is also a fact that these games cannot be compared to other games which are games of chance.

Anyone who has played or observed a daily fantasy game can testify to the incredible level of skill, expertise, and knowledge that is required before you can even decide the lineup that you are going to play. When the entire success or failure of your team can often depend on this lineup, it is obvious that it is your brains that is behind the lineup which causes it to work or not work, and not just chance. When chance is an element of any game, and that has not induced lawmakers to classify them as a game of chance, then why classify daily fantasy sports games as a game of chance?

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