Benefits of Fantasy Football in the Workplace

According to many studies, fantasy football costs employers billions of dollars every year. While this is never a good thing for the company, it is important that employers don’t get too far ahead of themselves in terms of cracking down.

Believe it or not, there are many benefits of fantasy football in the workplace. This does not mean employees should spend all their time playing fantasy games, as opposed to focusing on the task at hand. It does mean that employers should understand the benefits of fantasy sports, as opposed to spending valuable time, money, and resources shutting it down.

Consider the Following

Employers often get caught up in studies claiming that fantasy football leads to a loss of productivity and efficiency. While this may not be a myth, it is often times overblown.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are several benefits of fantasy football in the workplace:

  1. Employee engagement. When employees play fantasy football with each other, it can go a long way in forging stronger personal and professional relationships. As a result, the company is the big winner in the end. Don’t you want all your employees to get along?
  2. Happier employees. As you know, happier employees perform at a much higher level. Those who play fantasy football often have a smile on their face, especially if they had a winning weekend. This feeling of joy often times carries over into their work.
  3. More excited about going to work. This may not have anything to do with the job itself, but anything that gets employees excited about work is something you should consider a benefit. Let’s put it this way: many people enjoy Monday mornings at the office because they can discuss the fantasy football rundown from the previous day.

Are there drawbacks of too much fantasy football in the workplace? Of course. Just remember that there are also some benefits. These can help improve employee engagement and morale.

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