3 Steps in Finding Your Next Fantasy Football Sleeper

It doesn’t matter if you are new to fantasy football or have been playing for years, it is likely that you have a strategy in place. Whether or not it produces results, however, is another thing entirely.

When you unearth and select a fantasy football sleeper, your chance of winning goes through the roof. This is a player that most others were overlooking. It is also a player that won’t eat up too much of your budget, when compared to those who are known to perform at a high level.

The Search Process

Here is the only problem with finding your next fantasy football sleeper: it’s not easy to find the players that have the best chance of breaking out. Furthermore, if you make the wrong choice, it will put you behind the eight ball.

Below are three steps in finding a sleeper who can push you to the top of the standings:

  1. Review your options. There are a lot of players ready to break out. Do you have a list of these players and why you feel they are primed for a big game?

You need to know your options, including but not limited to position, cost, and potential value.

  1. Review the past. You aren’t the first person to ever think about choosing an underrated player. Your goal is simple: review what has happened in the past, regarding other players, to improve your chance of making the right selection.

For example, you may find that running backs, in particular, are having breakout games against a particular team. This can guide your thinking, allowing you to pinpoint particular types of players.

  1. Don’t be scared (don’t be crazy). It is scary to choose a player that has yet to perform at a high level. But remember this: great risk can bring great reward. You shouldn’t have any fear. When you make a calculated decision, you can feel good about what’s to come.

Tip: don’t get crazy with selecting too many underrated players. This could work against you.

You have plenty of time before next Sunday rolls around. Do you have your eye on a fantasy football sleeper?

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